Cisco CSIRT Mobile Networking and Monitoring for FIRST 2017 Conference

Cisco's Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) has developed a mobile monitoring and networking solution for providing on-site network and computer security monitoring during conferences and events. The first use of the solution at FIRST 2007 was showcased in a Cisco-on-Cisco article. In 2012, Cisco CSIRT had a deployment at the Cisco House of the London Olympics. The CSIRT team monitors 2-3 events per year with this kit, and usually sends 1-2 people to each event to provide security monitoring and a follow-up report.

Purpose of On-Site Monitoring

What Cisco CSIRT Provides

Along with security engineers, CSIRT provides a mobile, shippable rack containing everything needed to host a secure wireless network for conference attendees. The rack contains the following:

Monitoring Results

CSIRT will document the results of the event monitoring in a report similar to the report for FIRST 2008, which will detail:

Your Privacy

Your privacy will be protected throughout the duration of Cisco CSIRT's security monitoring effort. Be assured that Cisco CSIRT analyzes only aggregate traffic; traffic will not be attributed to specific individuals in the course of normal monitoring nor in reporting. Cisco CSIRT will monitor for disruptive security incidents in order to contain them. Some additional notes:


You may direct questions about this setup, such as the network, security, or privacy assurances, to the Cisco team by emailing