FIRST membership fee information

Membership year

The Membership year runs from January until December.

Annual membership fee

Type of membership Cost (2022 and 2023)
Full member annual membership US$ 2000
Liaison member annual membership US$ 100*

The membership fee is subject to change each year.

The membership fee is not refundable upon membership termination.

*In 2020, the FIRST Board voted to reduce the liaison fee to $100. As a result, the liaison discount for the annual conference registration was discontinued.

Initial one-time application fee

An applying FIRST team must pay an initial one-time application fee of US$ 800 after its membership is confirmed. This fee only applies to full memberships, not to liaison memberships.

New members

A new member is invoiced when the member is joining FIRST, for:

Full (team) members: the initial one-time application fee, if applicable the per month pro-rated amount of the annual fee (a team only pays the part of the annual fee for the remainder of the membership year)

Liaison members: $100 for remainder of the FIRST calendar year (Jan-Dec) regardless of month joined.

Invoicing procedure

Invoices are sent as PDF per e-mail to the member's FIRST representative and are available for download on the FIRST Portal under Billing & Payment. FIRST does not manage third party invoicing software. Processing and payment of the FIRST invoice is the responsibility of the member.

Full (team) Payments can be done by:

All details on payment are specified on the invoices that are sent out, or available on request at

US Tax information

IRS/form W9:

Federal Employer Identification Number:
First.Org, Inc. FEIN 38-3943584

Contact information

FIRST Secretariat