Identity & Logo Usage

Also available as PDF (157kb)

The FIRST logo is subject to copyright. It should not be reproduced without express permission and cannot be used to endorse or promote products or services.

However, with our permission, which you must request in an e-mail to, you are welcome to use our logo for a variety of uses, such as project it at a FIRST event, or include it in a brochure or documentation for your Technical Colloquium or workshop.

We make available several personalities of our logo for use.

FIRST.Org Complete Signature

Complete Signature

The full signature should be used for public who do not yet know FIRST or when an improved presentation is necessary. The mission headline must be big enough to guarantee its reading.

Therefore, minimum dimensions should be respected:

  • Digital media: 214px X 123px
  • Print: 40mm x 23mm

Download the complete signature (5MB)

FIRST.Org Simplified Signature

Signature simplified for reductions

This version should be used when the logo has to be sized below minimum dimensions required for the complete signature, or the signature is repeated in the same medium (for example if repeated in a document header or footer). The mission should not be used if its reading may be compromised.

Download the simplified signature (2.6MB)

FIRST.Org Small Logo

Small logo (typographic brand)

Should be used when highlight and readability are required in small dimensions. Like when the brand is applied together with a line of text, in contexts such as navigation headers or footers. This version should be used in one single color.

Download the small logo (2.7MB)

FIRST.Org Icon


The Icon is only to be used when the logo is to be sized beyond where the small logo is easily readable.

Download the icon